Statement of intent

This policy sets out that I Saadia Ikriche, working under the business Key To Change Hypnotherapy will use and protect the information that you provide when you use my service.

It is my intention to ensure that any data you provide is managed respectfully, kept secure and only used for the purposes for which it has been provided.

The policy may be updated in the future to keep in line with legislation.

When you contact me, the information I may collect is the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Emergency name and contact number
  • Any other information you choose to supply regarding the purpose of your enquiry.

What I do with this information

I will securely save this information for the purposes of communication, to discuss your requirements with you, to send you session reminders, to contact you in the case of missed or late attendance to a session, and for any other purpose I believe is in your best interest.

I will not share any information provided to me from you via any forms of communication with any other person, unless I receive your written consent, or I am legally required to do so.

The initial consultation

During the initial consultation, I will ask you to provide me the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details (including emergency contact)
  • Family history
  • Lifestyle
  • Health details
  • Any other information you wish to discuss or I feel is relevant to our sessions.


In the course of the sessions I will take notes of any information you provide that I feel appropriate to track progress, and help plan future sessions.

Any information I hold will be securely locked away, and used only for the intended purpose.

In the event of an emergency, I will call the emergency contact provided to me.

Webcam sessions

Where the sessions are conducted via webcam e.g. Zoom, Skype or Facetime, if sessions are recorded, this will be only for as long as it will take me to write up any notes. Once notes have been documented, the recording will be deleted.

In the event of an emergency, I will call the emergency contact provided to me.

How will your information be stored?

Your name, telephone and email contact details will be saved on my mobile phone and computer, both of which are password protected.

Any information you provide that is relevant to your hypnotherapy sessions I may take notes on, this information will be securely stored away.