Weight Management

When you’ve decided it’s time to lose weight, you most often know what needs to happen to begin the process, but it’s not always that easy to actually start, let alone maintain it. Your ability to lose weight is also strongly linked to how stressed you’re feeling, in addition to getting the right amount of sleep.

If you’re having feelings of low self-esteem or low confidence, this could lead you to self-sabotage your good intentions. You may have unhelpful beliefs around food, such as having to eat everything on your plate, or you may have unhelpful habits, such as snacking whilst preparing your children’s meals or eating more than is required just to make yourself feel happier.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you find the motivation for making the right changes to lose weight. We’ll focus on reducing your stress levels, boosting your confidence and improving the quality of your sleep, ensuring you have a good balance of the hormones that impact on burning fat, hunger and feeling full , giving you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

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