Anxiety is a feeling of unease, like a worry or fear, which can range from mild to severe. We can all feel anxious from time to time and it usually passes once the situation is over. It can make our heart race, we may feel sweaty, shaky or short of breath. Anxiety can also cause changes in our behaviour, such as becoming overly careful or avoiding things that trigger anxiety.

When anxiety becomes a problem, our worries can feel out of proportion with relatively harmless situations. It can feel very intense and overwhelming, and interfere with our everyday lives and relationships. When we become overwhelmed by excessive anxious thoughts, worries, fears and even have panic attacks, anxiety can become massively detrimental to your quality of life. It means you can find it difficult to concentrate, difficult to relax and can really impact your emotional and physical well-being.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you view things from a different perspective and resolve the thoughts and reactions that create anxiety, helping you to relax and break the cycle of anxiety and dread. This allows you to take back control and get your life back on track.

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