My journey from crippling anxiety to helping people change their lives

Terrified of leaving the house?

Terrified of talking in public?  

Scared of talking to people, eating out, being in crowds, and the list was endless…this was me until recently. I would worry endlessly about what people thought of me and the only thing that ever came to mind was that ‘they hate you. You are weird’. I felt alone and unwanted. Some days, anxiety affected me so much that I couldn’t eat, and when I did, I would be sick. I lost weight and my health deteriorated.

Why me?Why couldn’t I do all the little things that everyone does so naturally?  I became resentful, angry and unpleasant to be around. My anxiety led me to pull away from people.I pushed everyone away and started sabotaging my relationships, which became either heated and filled with arguments, fights or just silence and awkwardness.I would panic at the thought of somebody finding out about my daily struggles with anxiety, and went to great lengths to hide it.

I lived in my anxious little world for more than 17 years. It took a lot of broken relationships, arguments, hiding in high school corridors and then the university library, a broken marriage and endless job changes before I realised I needed help! Yes, it took me that long to finally understand that I wasn’t weird or crazy, I was living with a mental illness.

I did some research on my issues and I went to therapy; I went to therapy every week for a year. Yes, I did work through some of my childhood trauma but I was still terrified of the world. Looking back now, anxiety never came to mind and even during therapy, the therapist never mentioned that I maybe suffering from anxiety.

However, once I had the desire to change the way things were, there was no stopping me. I went on to do even more research on different ways of coping with my issues, and that’s when I stumbled across hypnotherapy. Before this, I had no idea of what hypnotherapy was.  From what I had read, I was convinced that there would be some sort of a swinging watch and maybe even some magic.  Maybe that’s what I need, I thought, maybe I need some magic in my life!

I walked in to the hypnotherapist’s therapy room, I was greeted by a smiling, professional person. He put me at ease instantly. We chatted about my journey there and the weather. He then proceeded to ask me about the reason of my visit. I spoke about all my symptoms. David said “Has anyone ever told you, you are suffering from anxiety?”.  I said no. He then said “Well you are suffering from anxiety, and I’m sure I can help you with that.”

David asked me to sit back, close my eyes and relax. He then moved on to do some guided relaxation. I was aware of my surroundings at all times and there was no watch, or magic (to my disappointment). Following the session, which lasted around an hour, I left feeling light, free and calm… a feeling that I had never experienced before. I continued my sessions for a few months and I felt so much better. Hypnotherapy had freed me from anxiety and all its symptoms.

My journey with hypnotherapy didn’t stop there though. The transformation I had experienced inspired me to try help others who are going through the same struggles. I went on to study hypnotherapy and qualified as a Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

I have founded Key To Change Hypnotherapy to offer Hypnotherapy to support you in your journey of change.

What I do is pretty simple; I help people like you change the way they see and experience their world, so they can realise their full potential and live the abundant life they deserve. Whatever you may think or feel right now, you really do deserve this!

I am committed to support people to break their negative cycle, and opening their minds to how living in the now is the truest path to happiness and enlightenment. After our first session, you will leave our therapy room holding the world in a different container, being more conscious of how thoughts and emotions get in the way of your ability to live in genuine peace and happiness.

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